Sample Applications for Grid based planning of rotas and rosters.
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RotaPlanner for Grid based planning of rotas and rosters.

Frustrated with spreadsheets when setting up your Rotas or Rosters. Then try RotaPlanner.

RotaPlanner is a dedicated program designed for grid based planning. RotaPlanner has its own database that  extends the facilities normally available in spreadsheets.

Use for church rotas, club rotas, sport meetings, cleaning rotas and many more

  • Allocate general duties by clicking
  • Allocate specific duties to staff
  • Switch view to show staff allocated to duties
  • Holidays and Standbys
  • Staff Schedules
  • Duty Sharing and Conflicting Duties
  • email Rotas
  • Print list of staff
  • Extensions to provide specific facilities for field judges at Track and Field Athletic meetings (other extensions by special request)

A more detailed description is given in Sample Applications

To download a free trial copy click DOWNLOAD

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please use the email link on the Contact us page.